Self-Managed licence & personal use


I’m not sure to well understand the licence on the free self-managed edition so i prefer to ask in the perspective of my own use. Can i build an application with Camunda and use it without restrictions in this context :

  • I don’t build the app for anymore (ie i’m not hired for it)
  • I don’t sell the app
  • I don’t even distribute the app for free
  • I don’t sell (whatever fee or subcription) any service around the app
  • I don’t allow access any service around the app
  • The app is not available to anyone, i’m the only user.

I just need to define processes, call external C# code from each node of the workflow, pass parameter from one node to another one.

What are the limitations i could face?


Hi @Caliosso

You can use the engine for free - as long as you don’t aren’t offering it as a service, which you are not. To use Operate, Optimize, and Tasklist “in production” you need a license.

It doesn’t sound like you are using those from your description.

This blog post does a great job of explaining it: How Open is Camunda Platform 8? - Camunda.


Thanks jwulf,

Will there be a new self-managed licence dedicated to enthousiast for solo usage?
Because between free and enterprise, there is a universe gap and a “contact us” to access an enterprise package is something common for companies but is a lot for just Mister Bean trying to play with squirrels and no human at all (ie no user), no company, no startup, no business.

What does mean " * Non-Production usage of Operate, Tasklist, Optimize"?
Because that brings the message “you are allowed to use them for non production”
while your answer brings the message “No use at all”

You can use them in development without a license.

In production you need a license.

Thank you jwulf,
Here Pricing - Camunda we have a comparison table between saas free, profesional and enterprise.
Do we have the same about self-managed ?

I guess that in development, from that table, we can do almost everything, ie design, execution, operations, human tasks (not my interest anyway if that means different users but just to understand), reporting and analytics (not sure but i don’t think to be interested either) while we could not have security and governance, support, training and services, is that correct ?

Hi @Camunda licensing team :wink:

I’m at the same point. What does exactly mean “production” or “non-production” as shown in the upper right corner of the C8 apps?

What about my private server at home to process some tailormade processes for my home?
Is it already production or can I use it for free?

Other words: Is it allowed to use all Camunda 8 platform for private use / evaluation ?

Would be nice to have a clarification on that because that closes or opens the door for community usage.