Send element to background

Hi all,

first of all thanks for the great BPMN reference and tool! I am currently switching from EPC to BPMN, so this is a great help!

However I got a slight problem at my first process. It seems that a lane is positioning itself on top of an arrow referencing to a message event. How can I solve this?


Hi @rStorms,

Which version of the Camunda modeler do you use? How can we reproduce it?

According to your depiction you connected the task and the intermediate message catch event with an association? Is that intended, or do you want to connect them with a message flow?


Hi @roman.smirnov,

thanks for your reply.

I downloaded the most current version of the modeler, so I should be fine on that end.

This happens when I click an activity and from there append an intermediate event outside of the current pool. If I create it inside the current pool I get a solid arrow. If I delete the arrow I can’t manually add one for some reason…Maybe I am doing something semantically wrong?

I want to say that a customer presses a button in his car which initiates a call. This call gets transferred to a call center and includes some data, like location and vehicle data. How would you model this as a best practice?