Send Email using Send Grid (SendGrid Outbound Connector) and Response

Hi Team ,

I am new to Camunda and trying to achieve the below process.

  1. Send Email to user using Send Grid (SendGrid Outbound Connector) with dynamic template.
  2. Need to capture the whether the user response let’s say , Opt-in or Opt-out and based on the user response , decide the workflow (exclusive gateway).

Please help me how to get the email response based on user click and need complete the workflow process.
Thank you
Much appreciate


I got the approach. SendGrid webhook will post the event when the user open or click on the link.

Will camunda webook connector supports array of json objects. Below is the example payload.


when i tried to get email attribute from above json using request.body[0].email or request.body[1].email, it will throw internal server error (500) exception.

Thank you