Send Message Event

hello guys,
the Image below shows the start for my BPMN process .It is started with a message event and after the gate way is been passed going from the user task a SEND MESSAGE EVENT is placed which will send the email to the user that’s it. but for the timing i have just used the message correlation code to trigger the snd message event

My question is to understand SendEvent Implementation part ! I tried to add Java Delegation class to it.

and the class code

this is the error message which I got

here is the BPMN file
process.bpmn (12.7 KB)

please do help me in understanding the send message event implementation part

Shoeb Hanif Sayyed

Hi @Shoeb,

Messages are used to communicate with either external systems or other processes.
In your case, correlation should be done either from another process or from an external system.

Below links might be of help to you

Do you have a waiting message in another process with massage name set as “Message_RequestCustomerPayment”?

May we know what is the purpose of this send message in your business case?

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