Send request task in a BPMN process

Hi there.

I have the following bpmn process:

I would like to execute the Send request task and having read the respective Documentation, I realised that there are many ways for it.

As I’m not familiar with automated tasks (Service/Send), could anyone please suggest any helpful way or example to follow for the beginning?

All I want here, is to send a message request from the one lane to the other one.

Thanks in advance,

You should take a look at the video tutorial on communication that will demonstrate the Send task implementation around the 13 minute mark, but it’s probably a useful idea to follow the whole thing.

Thanks for your suggestion @Niall.
I’m going to watch it as soon as possible and I hope to take some hints :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi @Niall.

I’ve been watching your suggested tutorial video here and I have 2 questions until now:

  1. At the 12:52 minute mark, I can’t see the word “execution” next to the execute(DelegateExecution) method of the code in my Java Class. Instead, I see the following:
public void execute(DelegateExecution arg0) throws Exception { 
  1. At the 13:14 minute mark, the default template proposals aren’t displayed to me when I start to write the method execution.get inside the public void section of the code in my Java class.

May you got any idea on those points please?

Thanks in advance,

The problem is that you haven’t imported the related JavaDocs for the project.
This can be done via the IDE you’re using.

Ok @Niall, I understood what you mean.

Do you know where can I search in Camunda Docs for guides on importing JavaDocs in Eclipse IDE?

Thanks a lot,