Send Tasks && camunda-bpm-mail

Hello everyone,
I’m beginner to Camunda. I wanna use send tasks to send emails using camunda-bpm-mail
When I’m trying to deploy the process to the engine, I got this error “One of the attributes ‘class’, ‘delegateExpression’, ‘type’, or ‘expression’ is mandatory on sendTask”.
Any help, thank you

You should upload your model so that we have some context as to what could be causing the error

Hello @Niall,
Thank you for your quick reply, You can find attached the process.process.bpmn (8.3 KB)
PS: each connector has its own address email

@HEss refer this post for similar issue was discussed and resolved.

Also, make sure that you’ve the below plugin in pom.xml:


This plugin contains the piece of code to parse the connector extension of the bpmn file.

Thank you @aravindhrs for your reply, actually I’ve already checked your post, and I want to ask you something

  1. Is this example implemented by Spring boot or just a Maven project.
  2. Have you attached this configuration class to implementation details of each sendTask.

Yes, it’s spring boot application.

Not required to attach at each send task level. The plugin takes care of it while parsing the activity.

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