Sending messaing to another running process instances

Hello everyone,
How can I send a message by (message intermediate throw event) to another running process instances?

I’m working with library BPMN model, in case of requesting book and the book is not available, the requested the manager gets requester details and entered him to waiting list,
So, if there is any message that has been display in specific process, can I display or sending this message to requesters in waiting list? For example the message 'the book will return will be returned in delay of 48 hour (2 days), how can I sending this message to all requesters into waiting list and if I check there runtime/history variables result I can see the message into their variables list?!

Hi ,

You have to start the process (to be started ) with a message start event and inside the intermediate message boundary event you have to use the below code to trigger the process

${execution.getProcessEngineServices().getRuntimeService().createMessageCorrelation(“messageNamel”).processInstanceBusinessKey(“yourBusinessKey”) .setVariable(“name”, “prasad”) .setVariable(“requestId”, “123344”) .setVariable(“requestType”, “customer”) .correlateWithResult()}


It is something like that?

“${execution.getProcessEngineServices().getRuntimeService().createMessageCorrelation(“messageNamel”).processInstanceBusinessKey(“yourBusinessKey”) .setVariable(“name”, “prasad”) .setVariable(“requestId”, “123344”) .setVariable(“requestType”, “customer”) .correlateWithResult()}”

and what did you wrote above is in the General/Listeners/Extentions?

Can you please illustrate this in drowing format?

Do you want to trigger the Getting user details , If so just use an intermediate message catching event just before the Getting user details task.

Yes, I want to send a delay message to people in waiting list,
How can i do that?
addting a requester to waitng list is a waiting_list=waiting list+,
I want to send the delay message to all requerstes in waiting list,