SendTask: transient scope for input parameters

When I worked with Camunda Connectors mechanism, I noticed, that connector input params are not saved as process instance variables. Now I switched to using delegate expressions that resolve to Spring beans and see that input parameter values are saved as process instance variables.

The question: is there any way to make SendTask DelegateExpression InputParameters be allocated in a transient variables scope? Is this by design or bug?

My environment: Camunda Spring Boot Starter 2.1.2 with Spring Boot 1.5.8.

Hello @tair,

Please have a look at CAM-8086.
I am not sure if this can be helpful to you.

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After digging some more I found that input parameters are not actually saved in runtime tables. They are only saved in history tables, so the problem statement is now: is there any way to make input parameters exempt from history logger?