Separate apps for Camunda REST API and Camunda Web

We deploy camunda to a container based environment (OpenShift) and want to be able scale the camunda web app (cockpit and task list) and the REST API (with process engine) independently. The reason is that Cockpit is used internally only by a few people and on the other hand the REST API is invoked quite a lot. We use Spring Boot to bundle camunda.

  1. Is this possible and
  2. are there examples of this?
    Thank you in advance.

Sure, If you like you can create one small cluster that has the web apps and another (main) cluster of nodes that doesn’t have the web apps - each node should still be connected to the same database.

Thank you for the response.
In Spring ( I specify the process engine as follows: camunda.bpm.process-engine-name=master
Should both components (with web apps and rest app) use the same process engine name or does it make sense to name them differently?
Thank you.

There’s no reason in this case to have more than one engine per node.