Service Activity are not being Retried(Retry not working)

I am trying to retrying a service task, in case of errors in my current workflow model. But unfortunately, reties are not being triggered, irrespective of giving appropriate value in Retry Time cycle in Job Execution panel of a service task, even the default retry of 3iterations is not being executed.

Please check my model and suggest any solution.

BPMN model:
bsa_workflow.bpmn (11.9 KB)

Here I am trying to retry in following three service tasks, before going to error-handler service task.


when implementing a business process, we recommend distinguishing between technical errors and business errors. A technical error may, for example, occur when we call a service that is not available. In this case, we can use retry cycles to try again and again. If a technical error occurs, and all retries failed, an incident is raised — i.e., the process is paused and waits for intervention. In a java delegate, we may cause a technical error by throwing a run-time exception.
A business error is an error that the domain “expects”. Our process may handle the delivery of a parcel, and one exception is that the recipient is not at home. In this case, we can use a BPMN error event to handle this error. From the java delegate, we can raise a BPMN error by throwing a new BPMN error.
More information can be found in the documentation:
This page differentiates between technical errors and BPMN errors.
We also have best practices for error handling.