Service Task not firing or Exclusive Gateway branch being ignored?

VacationRequest.bpmn (22.6 KB)
Hi guys,

I’m kinda new to BPMN, but am making some headway in getting my current project done. While all the intermediate steps are being processed correctly and most of the ExclusiveGateways are taking the right branch, the last steps to call a ServiceTask do not seem to be getting fired, at all!

If I start the process and leave eligible unchecked after the CheckEligibility UserTask, it does not seem to take the “No” branch. If I check the checkbox, it will definitely take the “Yes” branch. What am I doing wrong?

The Gateway has an inline groovy script which checks for eligible=false. Is there something else I should be doing here?

I get no errors in the catalina.out log. I even have a typo in the Java class name and yet nothing happens. So I’m thinking there must be something else I should have done to make Exlusive Gateway take the “No” branch when the eligible field is left unchecked.




Figured out what I was doing wrong! In my gateway conditions I was using

eligible = false

instaed of the correct syntax of:

eligible == false

Finally got that part working correctly!

Too bad no error was printed, but I guess variable assignment is still a valid statement.


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