Set read or unread flag for user tasks

Hi, I wanna set read or unread flag for the user tasks when assign a user or group to them an categorized them as a read or unread filter.thanks

@Amir_Hossein_Hasanza you can set authorizations for task resource.

Refer: Authorization Service |

Thanks for your solution, but I think some miss understanding occurred. The user tasks are listed in our form as a out assignee works. I wanna once open a task, a “read” flag set which indicates I looked it, and other users in my candidate group also see it as a “checked” or “read” task.

@Amir_Hossein_Hasanza Camunda doesn’t provide such flag based indicators for task access.

Some suggestions are:

Set a variable for the task when user access/opens a task and check the variable against each user when access it. Limitation: It fails when the user has read only access to the task.

Better approach:: Implement visitor pattern to maintain the user vs task mapping context when each user visits/access the task. To maintain mapping context, need to look for distributed systems like redis,etc.

Thanks for your response, I was wondering if you explain me more clear and applicable, my another question is that does exist a listener that invoke when call for example http://localhost/rest/engine/default/task/5d02c8f0-aab8-11eb-9679-fa633f96e0ec/form-variables?variableNames for get task informatian?