Set Variable in Process Instance Start


how do I get the value of a variable sent at start of an instance process?

This is my code in my Angular front end, and my request.

This is my JavaDelegate:

And this is my cockpit:

When you’re starting the process you need to put double quotes " around the value of the string, not single ones.
Hopefully that’ll work.

Hello @Niall,

did not work :frowning_face:

My application was generated with spring-boot archetypes. Is it necessary to do something more?

Don’t think so, the problem seems to be with the request.
Is there any errors appearing the console?

in print my data in console, i receive a null in my console

Try making the request from a REST Client, like postman.

@Niall In postman works. Why? :no_mouth:

There’s some fundamental problem with the way you’re making the call from your front end. If you’ve already fixed the problem with the double quotes than i’m not really sure what else it could be, but it’s not a problem with Camunda itself.

Hello niall I was using Json.stringify, so my variables would arrive in the field, I needed to send as a normal Object, not as a string.

Its works for me:

my request:

thanks =)

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Glad you found the solution :slight_smile: