Setting Exclusive Gateway Outgoing Sequence Expression as a function

I am trying to set a function to return the outgoing sequences for a exclusive gateway.

Incoming variable: x
Outgoing sequence flow 1: ${FindExpression.getValue(execution, ‘x’, ‘yes’)}
Outgoing sequence flow 2: ${FindExpression.getValue(execution, ‘x’, ‘no’)}

Is it possible have such function as outgoing sequence flow expression?

Hi @harshana,

Afaik expression language cannot call static methods. I recommend to use a script for that job.


Thanks a lot and please, can you check this one also?

The property defined in BPMN model is not able to identify at runtime to set value. This will occur when you refer to a variable from script or API to set value in a BPMN model property which doesn’t match.

Is there a way to catch the exceptions for a process at the run time?

You can refer this BPMN err handling for various strategies. But what i can suggest is, its better to resolve that property mismatch in bpmn model, because moreover its human error.