Setting local transient variables does not work


I have just worked around with transient variables and found an unexpected behaviour when setting transient variables to local store. It seems that these variables loose their transient flag and therefore are stored to database.

In AbstractVariableScope#setVariableLocal (line 369) a new variable instance is created without the transient flag, even if the given variable is transient.

Setting transient variables in non-local scope works as expected.

Can transient values not be used within local scope or might this be a bug?

I have written a unit test ( to show my explanation:

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Hi @Carsten_Spieker,

thanks for looking into this!

This indeed is a current bug:
If you’d like to take the challenge and tackle this yourself, feel free to contribute a Pull Request to our repository. We always welcome those and provide pointers if you need any. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.


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