Share engine doesn't find spring beans when a bpmn file is not in the classpath


I am still new to the shared engine and I have notified that the shared engine doesn’t find spring beans inside tasks of processes that are registered thru another application in the Camunda database. On the other hand, it finds the same bean if I put the bpmn file in the auto-deployment directory before starting the application(inside the classpath, as I still don’t know how to specify an auto-deployment directory for the shared engine).
I am working with Tomcat 8.
Could you please help me? What am I missing here?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @ediaz,

For the process engine to know which process application contains the resources for a process (e.g. beans), it manages a map of registrations from process deployments to process applications. When you deploy a process as part of a process application deployment, the registration of the process deployment for the process application is created automatically. For any external process deployment, the process engine cannot do this. You can use the methods ManagementService#registerProcessApplication to create the mapping between deployment and process application, and the method ManagementService#getProcessApplicationForDeployment to check if there is a registration or not.