Should I forget about Lucidchart for my team?

Hello Camundians !

I use Camunda modeler for my BPMN and everything is working locally, but I need to share diagrams with my team, if possible in native .bpmn format, in a cloud app.
We are using LucidChart, but it does not seem to support well bpmn. Does any user rely on lucidchart while keeping re-exported files deployable without bugs ?

Or should I forget about it ? Thanks and good afternoon

Hi @pvermeil,

I don’t know Lucidchart, but I’m have the information that Camunda might provide a solution to this in the next couple of months :slight_smile:
The only public information I am currently aware of is this blog post: (look for Camunda Web Modeler). On top of that, I can say that this is not too far away from launch, i.e. within the next two or three months.


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Thanks for the info.

Does allow to share processes with our team or is it just online camunda modeler ? is a set of Javascript libraries that can be used for rendering and modeling BPMN processes. No backend/storage/persistence involved. The product I was talking about above will be based on

An update on this: We recently launched as a tool for web-based, collaborative process modeling.