Show all element template versions in the modeler catalog

For Camunda 7, is it possible to show all element template versions in the modeler catalog? i.e. I have a version 1 and version 2 of a single template, but the catalog only shows version 2.

Hello my friend!

You have some alternatives for this.

  • Create a project, put your BPMN file inside and use GIT to commit and control versions.

  • Deploy your BPMN file, because in Camunda Cockpit you can check the different deployed versions and if you need to download them again, you can!

  • Or save your BPMN file on your own computer separately for each version, and control it on your own.

I hope this helps!

William Robert Alves

Hi William

Thanks for the response.

I think you misunderstood my question. I’m not referring to BPMN versions, I’m asking about element template versions.

Kind regards,