Show the result of a Business Rule Task in a BPMN Process


I am a newbee with the Camunda Modeler and Java and I have a problem with the configuration of the Properties Panel for a “Business Rule Task”

My question is: How can I show (check) the result of a “Business Rule Task” in the Task List (Camunda Tomcat)?

I have a process with one Business Task and a second Task (perhaps User Task). But i can’t see the “Result Variable” in my User Task. I used the Forms (Form Data - Form Fields -Contraint: readonly), but it does not work.

Busines Rule Task - Result Variable: myDecision
User Task - Form Fields - ID: myDecision // Contraint: readonly

I hope anyone can help me.


@KaySpannberg did you set the default value of the form field? ${myDecision}

Hi StephenOTT,

yes I have, but it didn’t work. I always get the output “[]” or nothing.

@KaySpannberg take a look at this example and compare to your code:

BusinessRule1.dmn (1.1 KB)

BusinessRuleTest.bpmn (4.4 KB)



with you example I have found the problem!