Showing error when trying to access to Cockpit, tasklist or Admin pages

When I try access to one of the following pages: Camunda Tasklist, Cockpit or Admin, I get this error message: No process engine found. camunda Webapp cannot work without a process engine.

I downloaded WildFly Distribution that is in the official website of Camunda. I added the modules and WAR files which is in the downloaded file to the server. I started the tutorial that guides through modeling and implementing first BPMN 2.0 process with the Camunda BPM Platform. I am blocked in the Deploy and Test Step of the tutorial. All the WARs have been properly deployed. I can access the Camunda BPM Platform homepage, but I got this error message once I try access to provided applications: Camunda Tasklist, Cockpit or Admin.

Does anyone know, what can be wrong with it?

Hi @BlackPe4rl,

Could you provide us the complete server.log? Did you add a processes.xml like described here 1?


Hi @roman.smirnov,

I followed the Install Full Distribution on a JBoss/Wildfly Application Server manually Tutorial, and it worked well.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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