Signal Event with Business Key


I am stuck with a problem regarding signal events and business keys.
I have 3 processes. Process A sends a signal event to the other processes which have a signal start event attached.
But now I need to use a unique business key for every process so that i can send messages between multiple instances.
I found the “Pass a business key” which attaches a extensionElement with a Camunda:In business key. but when i try to send a signal event with a business key in json format i still get a null business key.
Tried like that:
“name”: “startSignal”,
“businessKey”: “123”

Is there some other way to start a process with a signal event attached with a business key?

If not, how can i manage to communicate with multiple instances, how to get the right one? ProcessID? Deployment ID? ← but i cannot access before deploying. …

Thanks for help :slight_smile:

If this is a signal to start the Process, can you use different signal name for the different processes to differentiate?

Otherwise if the Process is already running, then you should have the Business Key.

yes but how can i differentiate between multiple instances ?
Unfortunately business key is null when starting process with a signal

Hi @SebastianAT,

You can send the signal with a process variable represents the business key and then set business key from delegation code as illustrated in below link.

Thank you, that solved my problem.

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