Signal in Microservice

How signal event can be wisely used in Microservice environment i.e say there are mutiple independent camunda +spring boot app which are working . Now if one of the Microservice raise a signal event how that can be catched in some other microservice ? Do we need to use some service bus or some kind like kafka to send some event during triggering signal event ?

Is there there any example available on the signal where service are interacting with each other ?

Hi @anisk,

signals work without code if the sending and receiving process share the same database:

If you use different databases for the processes which send and receive the signals, you have to use the API:

You can use any infrastucture to carry the signals from one microservice to the other. At the end you have to translate the message to the signal API by yourself.

Hope this helps, Ingo

Thanks @Ingo_Richtsmeier . ok … so In case microservice probably I have to use rest api rather Java API to communicate between 2 different service .

Is there any github link where I can get some this kind of example ?