Signal start events in Camunda 8

According to this page (Signal events | Camunda 8 Docs), it is possible to use signal start events.
But at the same time there is a page (Routing events to processes | Camunda 8 Docs) saying that signal start event are still not supported.
What page is correct?
I’ve tried to use signal start event in parallel with timer start event but haven’t got any effect of sending broadcast event.

So, indeed signal start events are supported for Camunda 8.4 - so the documentation needs to be updated :slight_smile:

Can you explain more details about what you’re trying to do with the signal start event and what exactly is happening?

The wonderful @amara.graham has responded lightning fast with this open issue

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I was trying to and an entry point for end-to-end tests in the process with long timers. And sending broadcast events didn’t run a new instance of the process.
Probably it was because I used 8.2 version.
But I’ve solved the initial task by using Message start event