SimpleAuthentication not working for Tasklist

i downloaded release files(basically running the .bat files) for zeebe,tasklist,elasticsearch and operate for local development.
now the problem is we don’t cannot run identity using same way and i need to connect to tasklist from my spring boot client application. So i am using SimpleAuthentication to connect to my tasklist. I am using latest version for camunda-tasklist-client-java but it is not able to connect. i am getting error “Unable to authincate due to missing set-cookies”
It is not able to set the cookies…you can see at line 69 we are checking if cookieGeader starts with OPERATE_SESSION…and this i hard coded values here…But i am trying to conenct tasklist and not operate so my cookieHeader start with TASKLIST_SESSION…
Here it should have been “TASKLIST-SESSION” not OPERATE-SESSION"

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