Single BPMN and DMN Redeployment in Production

Scenario: I have deployed my war in a shared Camunda wildfly server environment, it contains 10 BPMN along with few DMN and Java classes.
Changes: I want to make a change in DMN1, BPMN1 and BPMN2 or some time in single DMN and single BPMN.
Require Input: What will be the best approach to deploy that single changed BPMN or DMN? I am looking for a multi-version deployment scenario, it will be appreciable if someone can tell the best approach and the deployment steps, can I also use Modeler for the same or Modeler is just for development.
Note: It could be spring Boot application or Simple Camunda Servlet artifect application.

If you re-deploy you WAR file again only processes that been changed will have their version updated. Other models in the same WAR file will not be touched.