Single threaded stateless bpmn process instance

Our insurance pricing engine is pretty complex.
It has multiple flows depending on input parameters, and has multiple decision tables. We really liked Camunda’s bpmn engine for its flexibility of writing simple Delegate classes for tasks, and conditional expressions for switching flows based on user input or output of previous task.

We don’t have a use case of managing/persisting state of bpmn instances though. There won’t be any listeners to bpmn tasks and we don’t need any kind of historical data either. We’ll just have sequential service tasks with conditional flows and we need all the tasks to be executed sequentially in a single thread on calling our pricing API.
I know this is not what Camunda intends to achieve. But can anyone give me pointers on how can I achieve this using Camunda? I am willing to put development effort into camunda-bpm-platform to achieve this.

Hi @Rakesh_Ranjan

This is how the Camunda engine works under the hood:

If you need high load/high speed and everything runs always without errors, just run the processes out of the box and get the results once the start command is finished.

You still have the options to configure your process with additional wait states to be more resilient against errors and inspect the incidents in the cockpit. Maybe you will use this features later.

Hope this helps, Ingo