Site's documentation for previous releases

Hi folks,

I would like to ask if I could find on site, documentation (e.g. Getting Started steps) for older releases of the product (e.g. 7.6.0)

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The docs are versioned based on the version - you can change the version in the options page.


Hi @Niall and thanks for your reply.

Of course I know that but I noticed that the Documentation remains the same (for the latest release) even if I 've selected to view a previous release. :wink:


Ah i see what you mean.
In some cases where we know there are important differences we have made sure we version the docs (like the REST API). Some things like the getting started guide, we rather people get started with the latest version rather than an unsupported older version so we only keep one version of that.

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Ah ok @Niall, I understand exactly what you mean.