Skip camunda login page using another portal integration


what I have to do is, whenever any user lands on camunda login page, I have to redirect him to a particular URL and then another portal will authenticate and returns the USER object. Now, the problem is whenever I am getting a user object, I have to make sure it to be in camunda database entry and have to skip camunda login page. How to do that , please help…

Thanks in advance…

For the Tasklist, you could do the redirect with a custom script. For the other webapps, I think you would need to add the logic directly in the source-code.

In any case, you would need to acquire the session cookie and set it for the client. How to do that depends largely on how your login is structured.

Is there any example ? Will apreciate if there is some actual example. I’m new to Camunda BPM :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance…

Incase of Spring boot starters, how will you redirect? how will you change the script. everything packaged as jar.

Hi @costinarsene and @aravindhrs,

here is a spring boot example to use SSO instead of the login page:

Hope this helps, Ingo

I know this snippet. For me it will not suffice because we have an application that has a specific login page (a jsp page actually).

Am I missing something ?! :frowning:

This is not working. I got redirected to create new user.