Skip over a message intermediate catch event block?

Hello all. Recently, I’ve encountered the need to programmatically skip over an intermediate catch event block in Camunda, in certain circumstances. For example, I might have a loop set up in Camunda modeler where I have a functional event, followed by a catch event block, followed by another functional event block that points back to the intermediate catch event block. So effectively, it would keep looping between the intermediate catch event block and the last functional event block, until some condition was met in the functional event that would break it out of this cycle.

Is it possible for something on the Java side to send a message to Camunda, telling it to skip over the intermediate catch event block next time it gets to it? For some iterations, I don’t want to wait for user input. Thanks.

Try replacing your Message Catch event with a Message Receive task. You can then put Boundary events on it to do other things.


You could also use an event gateway with two outgoing paths. One path is your intermediate receive event, the other could be a conditional event…hence if the condition becomes true, that path shall be taken…likewise you could use two separate receive events, one to process logic, the other to just continue on …