SLA Violation

Hello Everyone,

I have to implement one functionality using camunda bpmn known as sla violation, in simple terms, when a workflow is started , if the task is not completed in a given time frame then we need to trigger some sla violation notifications in the form of email.

Below is the bpmn model i have implemented and it is working to a great extent as well

deviceflow_escalate.bpmn (22.1 KB)

I am using the non-interrupting timer event in camunda.

I am triggering 2 service tasks(for sending email notifications regarding sla violation),

Both violations at an interval of 2 mins each at every stage of the workflow.

This bpmn is serving the purpose/requirement.

Is there a better way to achieve this ?

Hi @Abhishek

As non-interrupting event serves your needs then I believe you can consider using tasklisteners to be invoked on timeout event.

This will eliminate the redundant timer logic from your model. (The same implementation can be reused and will be hidden from the model)