So... did the BPM Netzwerk die?


I came here by way of Jakob Freund’s and Bernd Rücker’s Praxishandbuch BPMN, 5. Edition. Printed in 2017 it lists the address as a good way to turn to with questions, but that address does redirect me here.

What’s the status on the German language community (at first glance discussions here appear to be very Camunda-tool-oriented)?

What I am looking for is general feedback and discussion on my first (well, second, third etc.) modelling steps in BPMN, CMMN and DMN…


Arne Reuter

Hi @AstaSyneri,

please use the Camunda Network instead of the


Hi Arne,

sorry for the confusion, we will remove the referral to the bpm-netzwerk in subsequent editions, since we have closed that community a while ago. Feel free to ask your modeling questions in this forum. It’s true that this is a Camunda user forum, but since Camunda is about applying the BPM standards in practice, many questions here are not restrained to specific features but best practices. Just asking won’t hurt, anyway.

thanks and best regards,


Hi Kristin!

Unfortunately the seems to be nearly equally as outdated - there is no forum link, no scheduled webinars, meetings are “coming soon”, and the online Training (at least part of i) seems to be “work in progress”.

Feels a bit neglected (that is an understatement).

@Freund - thank you for replying so swiftly. I assume “Modeler” would be the right section to post for feedback?

Hi Arne,

yes, Modeler is the right section.

It’s also true that the network site’s content is about to be merged into the site, which is why the site is not very vibrant any more. Sorry for the confusion.

best, Jakob