Source code for Camunda Web App project


I want to update the camunda sign out mechanism for the SSO.
I am referring the below link

But I understand that the web app is different for Tomcat and Wildfly. The above link provides the common web app source code. Please suggest us where to download the web app source code for Tomcat and for Wildfly.

One more issue, If we download and build the above source code, we are not getting the java script files, images and css files etc… in the built war file. So, Please suggest us any prerequisite for building the war file.


Hi @senlog80,

  1. Make sure to have maven, npm and grunt-cli installed
git clone
cd camunda-bpm-webapp && mvn clean install 
git clone
cd camunda-bpm-platform

For wildfly:

mvn clean install -Pdistro-ce,distro-wildfly

For tomcat:

mvn clean install -Pdistro-ce,distro-tomcat

Thanks siffogh, As of now, we are trying with IDE (Eclipse). Could you provide the steps how can we build the camunda web app wildfly war file using Eclipse. Anyway, I will try the above option (without IDE) and update the status here.