Source Polish recommendation on Task.setFollowUpDate

I have a very small source code polishing recommendation wich I would like to share.

is (7.6.0): o.c.b.e.t.Task.setFollowUpDate(Date dueDate);
should be : o.c.b.e.t.Task.setFollowUpDate(Date followUpDate);

Its probably easier for the Camunda devs and me to handle this wihout a Pull Request. If not, let me know if I should make a PR.

Hi @FrVaBe,

For us Camunda developers it is actually easier if you raise a pull request. We can merge such minor changes with a single click. You can even edit the source directly on github and github will handle creating the pull request.


Done :wink: (was really easy using the GitHub features)

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Thanks. It appears you raised the pull request against the master branch of your own repository, not against the repository in the camunda organization.

Oh dear, thanks for the hint. Sorry for the inconvenience. Hope I did it right now.