Specify the order of execution for tasks in tasklist by case

Is it possible to specify the order of execution of the tasks in the task list?

The use case is as follows: The process consists of 3 tasks (Task_A, Task_B and Task_C). A user has three instances of Task_A from three different cases in the task list. Now it should be ensured that no matter which task the user executes first, the remaining tasks of this case are executed in a strict sequential order. So if he executes the instance of the second case first, then the order of the tasks should be as follows Task_A (2) → Task_B(2) → Task_C(2) and if he selects the instance of the third case first, then Task_A (3) → Task_B(3) → Task_C(3) and so on.

No other tasks from another case or another process should be executed between these tasks. Is this possible by somehow starting or calling the tasks one after the other or is there any other way to specify the order of execution of the tasks in cases?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi @dreiss

I spend some time trying to answer this question during the orchestration hour.
You can watch what i came up with on the recording

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thank you for the answer and the model from the video. I think my description of the use case was not quite clear sorry, because I actually meant a different behavior:

If three cases are started and a user has Task_A of each of these cases in the tasklist (Task_A(1), Task_A(2), Task_A(3)), it should be ensured that the user has to go through one case completely before he can start the Task_A of another case. It should therefore be specified that an entire case must be completed before the next one can be started / before the user can choose the next task freely. There must be no other tasks in between the execution of the case.

I know that a user can do this simply by selecting the corresponding task of a case and processing it one after the other, but he could also select any other task that is in his task list. This should be prevented. It should be required that he cannot select any other task except the next task in the current case. The other tasks would have to be locked during the case or he is only allowed to see the next task of the current case or something like that. He must complete a case before he can freely select another task or another case. Within a case he is not allowed to choose the next task freely but the next task must be predefined for him.

I hope that I was able to explain the case better this time.

In Camunda 7 Usertasks have a priority field. You can first give each task a priority number - (higher being more important) then your frontend can query for tasks based on priority and only fetch one at a time.


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