Spring Boot and Shared Process Engine

I’ve very new to Camunda environment and just started setting up a new project.

Followed the instructions at Camunda Platform 7 documentation | docs.camunda.org and have setup a sample project but what I really need is a spring boot project where I will generate the war and deploy into a production camunda instance.

Is it possible to access the shared process engine using a spring boot camunda project?


I believe that this WAR built with Spring Boot example would help you.

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@yana.vasileva Thanks for the reply. But in my scenario, there is already a camunda installation with a process engine defined and some wars already deployed in a tomcat container.

Now to this tomcat I want to add the war which contains only my processes and service tasks. I do not want to embed the process engine in my war. This is possible with normal spring integration and am wondering if there is a way to do with spring boot as well. May be it is just configuration somewhere but I couldn’t figure out.

Hello @mvk_1984,

I am sorry, I didn’t get the whole picture in the first place.
So if you need only war with the process and java delegates, etc.
You can follow this guide and adjust the project to be spring boot (for example change the build plugins in the pom.xml).

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Ok. I get the idea now. So, I should not depend on the spring-boot-starters for camunda and rather just add the required spring-boot dependencies directly to camunda.

I will give it a try. My only doubt is that in this page – https://docs.camunda.org/get-started/spring/shared-process-engine/ – it is clearly mentioned how to make the appropriate modifications to applicationContext.xml so that the SpringServletProcessApplication picks the shared process engine.

Wondering how such changes - if any - should be made when I want spring boot capabilities.

Hi Mvk,

I search a lot and found the same question raised by you. I am trying the same thing which you were asking. Make springboot project using shared engine rather than embedded.
Have you find any solution, can you please guide me to make spring boot application using a shared engine.

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Jignesh Pithava


Hi! Didnt you manage to find such example?