Spring Boot Example Make Persistent

I like to use the Spring Boot Getting started example for quick demos. How can I modify the configuration to get a persistent database? By default it uses the in-memory database. Maybe the tutorial could be updated to show both options.

Hi @charles.irvine
The easiest way to persist your data on disc is to include this line

spring.datasource.url: jdbc:h2:file:./camunda-h2-database

In your application.yaml file - replacing the datasources thats already there.
Alternatively you can startup and connect to a postgres database. Which demonstrated in this example

When I try that, I get an error. Maybe my application.yaml isn’t formatted correctly.

See below:



Field transactionManager in org.camunda.bpm.spring.boot.starter.configuration.impl.DefaultDatasourceConfiguration required a bean of type 'org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManager' that could not be found.


Consider defining a bean of type 'org.springframework.transaction.PlatformTransactionManager' in your configuration.

My application.yaml contents are:

    id: demo
    password: demo
    firstName: Demo
    create: All tasks
spring.datasource.url: jdbc:h2:file:./camunda-h2-database

@charles.irvine Do you have the following dependency in your classpath?


Indentation should be 2 spaces. Also, in the .yml file it will have autocomplete feature which will take care of the indentation.

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Ok! Thanks. It is working now. I needed both the added dependency and file based jdbc url.