Spring Boot Layered Jar with Docker stuck

Hello Camundas,
I’m having a problem getting a very basic Spring boot starter up an running on docker.

I want to deploy a layered jar as a docker container and technically everything works but at startup the container freezes at the following line.

2021-05-24 10:18:53.855 INFO 1 --- [ main] org.camunda.bpm.engine.cfg : ENGINE-12003 Plugin 'CompositeProcessEnginePlugin[genericPropertiesConfiguration, camundaProcessEngineConfiguration, camundaDatasourceConfiguration, camundaJobConfiguration, camundaHistoryConfiguration, camundaMetricsConfiguration, camundaAuthorizationConfiguration, camundaDeploymentConfiguration, CreateAdminUserConfiguration[adminUser=AdminUserProperty[id=admin, firstName=Admin, lastName=Admin, email=admin@localhost, password=******]], failedJobConfiguration, eventPublisherPlugin, SpringBootSpinProcessEnginePlugin]' activated on process engine 'default'

The Pom uses the repackage goal and explicitly enables layers.

            <!-- this fixes "no main manifest attribute" error and adds default layers -->

The created jar file contains the different layers:

java -Djarmode=layertools -jar layered-camunda-docker-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.jar extract

I build and run the images with the following commands:

docker build -f DockerfileLocal_no_layers -t not-layered-camunda-start .
docker run  -p 28003:8080 not-layered-camunda-start

docker build -f DockerfileLocal -t layered-camunda-start .
docker run -p 18003:8080 layered-camunda-start

The not layered camunda image works fine, the layered container fails to start up correctly:

The Simple Project is here:
patrickcorbett/layered-camunda-docker (github.com)

On the web I found a similar issue with [multiple database connections]( Spring Boot layered jar with multiple databases gets stuck in docker container – Docker Questions however the starter only has the in Memory H2 DB connection.

Has anyone successfully deployed a layered spring boot camunda?

Thanks in advance!


I know, this is an old topic, but we have the same problems.

Can someone help us with this issue?

Thank you very much in advanced.

Best regards,