Spring boot Stuck at Engine Created log with no error

In my spring boot app, I have camunda integrated.

When I start the app first time, then the camunda tables gets created. (It took very very long time though) However, at this point in time, I got no issue.

I did some liquibase changeset to update my application table’s column type. Then, i started my app again. In the logs, I can see the liquibase changes executed properly as in below logs:

- ChangeSet classpath:/db.changelog/db.changelog-master.yaml::changeLog-4::Rishav Mishra ran successfully in 6367ms

From here on, I get the below log and the process stucks. It neither progresses nor it gives any error:

- Engine created. [value-mapper: CompositeValueMapper(List(org.camunda.feel.impl.JavaValueMapper@6adc27ab, org.camunda.spin.plugin.impl.feel.integration.SpinValueMapper@6c3543ba)), function-provider: org.camunda.bpm.dmn.feel.impl.scala.function.CustomFunctionTransformer@61d4a0e5, configuration: Configuration(false)]

It looks like it’s stuck in DMN. Would you please share your liquibase script if it’s possible, can try it out in my environment.

@mrishav Have you managed to resolve this issue? What was the cause and respectively the solution?

Yes, It was probably something related to liquibase related issue. I could resolve it only after i deleted my database and created a fresh database since the issue was locally.
Sorry for the delayed reply.

I have the same problem as you, could you please ask me a detailed solution?