Spring Boot + WebApps + Localization + Customization

Hi there…

I’m using spring boot to embed the engine but also the webapps and rest services.
However, I’d like to be able to add more languages and change logo, colors, etc…

I have found this guide https://blog.camunda.org/post/2014/12/internationalization-in-camunda-bpm/ that explains how to make those changes but I guess it’s focused in a tomcat deployment, not in a Spring-Boot app embedding the webapps (specially task list).

Is there any documentation I could use in this case?

Hi @fcordova,

all webapps related files are located in this artefact: org.camunda.bpm.webapp:camunda-webapp-webjar:jar

This Webjar file is pulled in by the Spring Boot Starter, that you’re using, as a transitive dependency. I would say that you can make some magic with Maven to add/replace required files in it. E.g. look at this

Hi @sdorokhova, thanks for your reply…

Actually, I got to make it work by just adding the files in the /src/main/resources folder and let maven build the app.

Thanks anyway !

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Do you have an example of how you did this?

Hello, just rewake that thread to mention a new snippet that showcases how to customize the Camunda webapps when using spring-boot:



@fcordova apparently now you need to use src/main/resources/META-INF/resources, see Spring Boot: Replace config.js for Webapps-Configuration