Spring boot with zeebe test work flow

i want to test my flow

i am writing test service that start the flow
then my other service complete the flow
and i want to validate that the flow is done in the test service

how can i do it?
i must use my other service which is my real service that only process the task
and complete it
this is the part i want to test

Hey CMX and welcome to the forum :slight_smile: !
If you only want to test if your process works I can highly recommend using the zeebe-process-test:

Taking a look on the gRPC APIs which are currently available it doesn’t seem to be possible to check on a process instance during its execution. (Zeebe API (gRPC) | Camunda Cloud Docs)

Do you @berndruecker know if eze supports such a funktionality?

Hopefully my answer helped you already!


Please provide a bit more specific information on your environment (e.g. programming language, Spring or not Spring, …), ideally also with a code sample, than it is much easier to help you.


Hang on - I just saw while closing the tab that you gave some hin in the title (Spring Boot) :wink: I am currently looking into Spring-bootfy the test framework, I have a current example here: camunda-cloud-zeebe-tests-playgorund/SimpleSpringBootTest.java at main · berndruecker/camunda-cloud-zeebe-tests-playgorund · GitHub. However, there are still some issues with the test library in the current state, leading to multi-threading problems we still need to sort out.

So if you need to start right away, you could

  1. Try it out and probably help fix the problems (if you are a Spring Boot pro)
  2. Postpone writing those tests a month
  3. Write process tests without Spring Boot for the moment

i end up testing the flow status
with the operate api :slight_smile:
doing login request
and then doing flow-node-states request