Spring Vs javaEE at WildFly

Hi We are evaluating the fitment of Spring Vs JavaEE frameworks with camunda BPMN for shared process engines at WildFly Environment.

Your Inputs please…


your question is a little bit broad. It is not likely that someone from the community will take the time and discuss all possible topics around spring and java EE. So it would be better to ask specific question on aspects you are interested in.

Besides that Camunda also offers professional consulting.



Many thanks for your kind response.

Shared process engine services we need to utilize. Observed some issues
with embedded app servers, container services giving the problem solutions
for the apps like cockpit.

Would like to know the specific services that camunda bpmn is expecting
from container.

Planning to go with spring boot + camunda bpmn + wildFly with atlassian
Bamboo + docker.

Appreciate if any recommended stack to go with.



there are no recommend stacks by Camunda. You can find supported environments in our docs. The environments are tested by our CI. Other environments may work but aren’t tested.

Regarding the technologies you mentioned:

Maybe this helps you to get started. Feel free to ask more questions to specific topics.


Thank you for useful information, especially the docker image .

Specific question on this area are the following:

Why the Spring process engine is not supported with Wildfly -

What is the recommended way of configuring the process engine and are there any other known limitations with Camunda / Spring / Wildfly