Springboot autodeployment not picking up resource pattern

Hi, im trying to prevent deployment of some processes. I have the following structure:


  • processes:
    • a:
      - processA.bpmn
    • b:
      - processB.bpmn`

now in my application.yml im specifying resource pattern:

        deployment-resource-pattern: classpath*:processes/a/*.bpmn

Now i want only processes from resource folder processes/a/ to be deployed.
Since im using @EnableProcessApplication annotation, i have also created META-INF with empty processes.xml as suggested in this topic for autodeployment, however i can see in logs that no matter how i configure deployment-resource-pattern, always both processes are getting deployed.

What mistake am i doing? How to properly use deployment-resource-pattern?

it’s important for me to be able to configure deployment-resource-pattern within application.yml

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As mentioned in the post you linked, the behavior you’re looking for with deployment-resource-pattern isn’t going to work if you’re using @EnableProcessApplication since auto deployment is essentially disabled (remove @EnableProcessApplication and you can achieve the behavior you’re looking for, at the risk of enabling auto deployment).

The closest I could see to achieve what you’re looking for is to update your processes.xml to be relatively empty, but include the desired resources and turning off the scan (as documented here):


            <property name="isDeleteUponUndeploy">false</property>
            <property name="isScanForProcessDefinitions">false</property>

Unfortunately with this route, I didn’t see an obvious way to specify a pattern.

when you configure in application.yaml file correct indentation must be used. Otherwise those configuration properties will be ignored

i know i can use processes.xml with the following property:

  <property name="resourceRootPath">classpath:processes/a/</property>

and this works, however i need this property to by changed dynamically, depending on the environment, and since its all in META-INF therefore its packaged during build and i can not swap it later, therefore i wanted to use deployment-resource-pattern

copy-paste issue, these properties are formatted with indentation, fixed it in the original post

Sorry I couldn’t be of more help, as far as I can tell you’re stuck between two methods with slightly different implementations. Hopefully someone else chimes in with another suggestion, but I only see two options:

  1. Decide if removing @EnableProcessApplication is suitable for your project (more info here) and thus re-enabling auto-deploy.
  2. You could maintain a processes.xml deployment descriptor for each environment and maintain a custom property in application.yml that sets the location for the corresponding environment.