Springboot-camunda project war is not working when deployed on seperate tomcat

I am currently using spring boot project with following dependency to integrate with camunda UI and restEngine .

compile group: ‘org.camunda.bpm.extension’, name: ‘camunda-bpm-spring-boot-starter-webapp’, version:‘1.1.0’
compile group: ‘org.camunda.bpm’, name: ‘camunda-engine-rest’, version: ‘7.1.0-alpha2’


  1. application is properly working with embedded eclipse tomcat and getting all .bpmn file deployed as per expected in camunda UI.


  1. If war of the same application is generated explicitly and deployed on separate tomcat
    .then its not working , without giving any error in Catalina.out


Maybe you can upload or commit your project somewhere so I can have a look into it.
It is kinda hard to reproduce it without anything.


Hi ,

Thanks for replying sooner, I am attaching a google drive link for the springboot code.
1 .Eclipse IDE
2 .mysql database : with camunda as schema

a) please remove below line from build.gradle while deploying on eclipse i.e embedded tomcat
1. exclude module : ‘spring-boot-starter-tomcat’

b) include " exclude module : ‘spring-boot-starter-tomcat’ " in build.gradle before making a war

should be successfully deployed as war on external tomcat.

Link of code on google drive:


Hai, I’m having the same problem. Do you manage to get the work around to deploy the war on external tomcat?


@mohamad.zahary: I used embedded tomcat which they have provided to deploy the same .Just put ur war in web folder

Can u provide me with your pom.xml?

My problem is, when i run as spring boot app in STS the project are working fine, but when I deployed the war file on tomcat 8.5.13 webapp folder that installed as services I got an HTTP 404 error. Sorry I kind of new in camunda and spring boot.