SpringBoot HumanTask unable to resolve service task adapter


I’m trying to use the human task for the first time in SpringBoot with Camunda.

This is my bpmn file (case study):

In the “Approve Order” human task I’ve set an embedded form

When I run the application, in the Camunda Task List the form is correctly shown:

but when I trying to ‘complete’ the action an error is shown because the processEngine is not able to find the adapter (java delegate) classes:

The problem seems related to the context when the focus returns to the process engine from the html form.

Could You please help me to solve this problem?

My configuration is:

  • Camunda 7.8
  • SpringBoot 2.2.6

Thanks in advance,
Best regards

I’ve solved. The problem in my project was in the java delegate classes were not annotated by @Component. By adding the annotation now it works fine.


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Thanks for letting us know you found a solution :slight_smile: