Standalone App?


I am working on a pet project related to mining case instances so that I can catch an ongoing a trend. For that I need to generate programatically a vast amount of case instances just to test the ideas before I get into the algorithms realm.
I already have the Case Model and my plan is to use Camunda EmbeddedProcessApplication to randomly drive how cases execute and afterwards use the HistoryServices to analyze the log of events.

Does anyone foresee a problem? Is it possible to connect the EmbeddedProcessApplication with Postgres?
Where do I get an exemple for EmbeddedProcessApplication?

Thanks for the help

Hi @Toacy,

Nope :slight_smile:

Yes, see here for the supported versions.

You can just download and test the standalone webapplication distribution.


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Hi @JoHeinem,

Thanks for the feedback!  
Camunda is working fine with docker and Postgres. 
I will try the RestAPI and the EmbeddedProcessApplication and what is the best fit for my scenario.


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