Standalone Webapp Purpose

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I have a question regarding the standalone webapp. As I understand, it contains an embedded engine. Hence, what is its primary purpose?

Given I can configure the DB URL, conceptually I could point it at a shared engine DB instance and thus treat it as a standalone admin console, particularly if I can disable its job executor or set it to deployment aware so that it does not participate in job execution. Hence is this a viable use case?

If the above holds, could I deploy two standalone web apps and point them to a shared engine DB. Then I configure one node to use LDAP repository 1, whereas I configure the other node to use LDAP repository 2. The use case here is I want to separate internal admin users from external customer users, but I want to give both access to cockpit. Essentially the difference is the source of the authentication mechanism. It also means I can brand the look and feel differently for each user context. Hence is this a viable use case?



Hi Rob,

The primary use case is for people who use an embedded engine in their application. They can then deploy the standalone webapp next to it, point it to the same database, and are good to go without extending their application.

Sure, it can be used in combination with a shared engine as well, especially when the shared engine runs on a different application server.

This may work with some limitations. Be aware that access authorizations are managed in the engine database. So if you have two users with the same ID in LDAP 1 and LDAP 2, you cannot give them different user-based authorizations. Same for groups.

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edit regarding the last point: maybe multi-tenancy can be used to distinguish those users, but I haven’t thought this through.

edit2: never mind, authorizations are not tenant-specific.

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According to this issue, Standalone WebApplication is removed from the source code.
What is the main reason of that?



Yes, we are removing the standalone web applications with 7.20 due to low usage that doesn’t justify the maintenance effort we are putting into them. In addition, there are plenty of alternatives for webapp deployments (e.g. Camunda Run, Spring Boot starter, shared engine setups, roll your own standalone web application with an embedded engine).


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