Start a process instance in a specific task


Is possible to start a process instance in a different point of the flow ? For example:

Start --> Born --> Live --> Die --> End

If I create a new instance of the Procces above, the active activity will be Born. But if for some reason I want to start a new Instance and in the same way I want to the active activity to be Live, will camunda engine support this kind of behavior ?

@Felipe I think you are looking for “Start Instructions” parameter:

Optional. A JSON array of instructions that specify which activities to start the process instance at. If this property is omitted, the process instance starts at its default blank start event.


And the corresponding Java API:


@thorben I was using startProcessInstance and the fluent API does not allow to call the method “startBeforeActivity” . The example in the link uses createProcessInstance, I tested it and it works as a charm… the only thing is that the execute() is deprecated. There is any limitation using createProcessInstance over startProcessInstance ?

Hi @Felipe,

I’m glad you got it working. #execute is deprecated in favor of #executeWithVariablesInReturn. It is perfectly fine to use #execute though and it won’t be removed in any future 7.x version. The functionality provided by the #createProcessInstance methods is a superset of that provided by the startProcessInstance methods.


Hi @thorben,

Thanks for the precise and quick answer.