Start a subprocess without waiting that it finishes

Hi there

I have the following use case / requirement:

  • We have a main process that starts different subprocesses.
  • A subprocess can take a while, so the main process should go on without waiting before the subprocess has finished.
  • But still in the main process, as an administrator in the cockpit, I like to have a link to the subprocesses.

At the moment we do this with a Signal, but of course there is no link to the subprocess.

With Correlating a Message, we would have at least the process Instance Id. But for a Message Event you need an implementation (This is an extra question :wink: - why? Camunda can send a Signal without implementation, but not a Message. See here: Example of Messaging without code - #16 by Ingo_Richtsmeier).

Has someone a good pattern for this use case?