Start Camunda Process Slowness

Hi ,

I am trying to start a camunda process with variables using the Camunda rest api using a POSt request.

Its working but it takes 1-2 secs, is there a way to get the response time dowm to a few milliseconds.

I am looking at a few performance tuning parameters that can save me some seconds.


The easiest way to get a response back as fast as possible is to add an “async after” on the start events

@Niall … I have marked my start event as “async before” . Should I change that to “async after” ??

It’s very, very strange that it would take more than a couple of milliseconds of you’ve added a transaction boundary to the start event. Is there any other potential cause?

@Niall … I was hoping to find the potential cause here. I haven’t found it yet.

But is there a setting to decerease response time when a lot of processes are to be started in parallel. something like a thread pool which I can increase or decrease.??

I have looked at job executer threads , but I think they come into the picture after the process has started. right ?


It should take milliseconds without any tuning. And typically it works fine.

Do you have anything between calling endpoint and Camunda? Some load balancers or some security layers?

Hi Alex,

No , we are using an embedded project. We are using spring boot rest templates to call the out of the box camunda rest apis to start the process.

Can the rest templates create a lag here ??


Hi Priyotosh,
At the moment it’s hard to say what can be a culprit here. Let me clarify a scenario.

You make a single POST request to Camunda instance to start a process. And it takes 1-2 seconds to get a response?
Can you share the request and BPMN file?

Thanks for these tips!

Its taking a few miliseconds when I test it via postman and its taking 1-2 secs when it happens via our resttemplate call in springboot. Will look into that. Thanks.

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