Start camunda process using spring boot api


I have spring boot rest api to start the process and the process getting started behind the scene but I am getting below error in console as well in response.
Below are the code that I am using to start the process.

ProcessInstanceResult instanceResult = zeebeClient .newCreateInstanceCommand() .bpmnProcessId(processId) .latestVersion() .variables(processVariables) .withResult() .send() .join();

io.grpc.StatusRuntimeException: DEADLINE_EXCEEDED: Time out between gateway and broker: Request ProtocolRequest{id=531, subject=command-api-1, sender=, payload=byte[]{length=283, hash=-951148236}} to timed out in PT9.999S
	at io.grpc.Status.asRuntimeException( ~[grpc-api-1.54.1.jar:1.54.1]
	at io.grpc.stub.ClientCalls$StreamObserverToCallListenerAdapter.onClose( ~[grpc-stub-1.54.1.jar:1.54.1]
	at io.grpc.internal.ClientCallImpl.closeObserver( ~[grpc-core-1.54.1.jar:1.54.1]
	at io.grpc.internal.ClientCallImpl.access$300( ~[grpc-core-1.54.1.jar:1.54.1]
	at io.grpc.internal.ClientCallImpl$ClientStreamListenerImpl$1StreamClosed.runInternal( ~[grpc-core-1.54.1.jar:1.54.1]
	at io.grpc.internal.ClientCallImpl$ClientStreamListenerImpl$1StreamClosed.runInContext( ~[grpc-core-1.54.1.jar:1.54.1]
	at ~[grpc-core-1.54.1.jar:1.54.1]
	at ~[grpc-core-1.54.1.jar:1.54.1]
	at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor.runWorker( ~[na:na]
	at java.base/java.util.concurrent.ThreadPoolExecutor$ ~[na:na]
	at java.base/ ~[na:na]

Can anyone please help on this?


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@BerndRuecker could you please assist on the above issue?

Do you get the same error for the same process if you leave out the .withResult() ?

You might get this timeout error if you are trying to mix an async process and a sync process (by using the .withResult )

@yadav1990 - please stop necro-posting on very old threads, and instead start a new thread with your question, or continue your existing thread. This is a community forum and not an official support avenue; if you need priority support for issues, I’d be happy to get you in touch with someone to discuss your support needs.

Please try the suggestion above first. Depending on the results, you can try increasing the timeout on the join method (or through other client settings you can find in the Javadocs). (Reference thread - please continue the conversation and troubleshooting here, however.)

Hi @yadav1990 - looks like a connection problem somewhere - but nothing specifically I can point to. Is the platform running fine in general? What’s your setup (SaaS, self-managed? If the latter, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, …). There is more information needed to hint you in the right direction.

@GotnOGuts: Shouldn’t have to do with withResult (but never say never :wink: )